Second day in America. There’s a hurricane heading our way. Outside it’s really windy and the rain is pouring down. After bagels we drive to Mid Island Drum & Guitar. Surprisingly they sell guitars and drums !! We all try out our choice  of weapons, Nizze picks up a nice Fender

Stratocaster, Miche takes whatever drummers need, nobody knows, they are a weird creatures, and I’m not sure they know it themselves and I got a Peavey bass. I would’ve been happier with a Precision but when the whole tour is really Low Budget you have to do with whatever you can afford. We hang around the shop for most of the day, talking to people and playing around with our new toys, just killing time. There’s no point in going to Sinclairs, where we play tonight.
The venue was a nice small pub with pool tables, that were removed at gigtime to make room for the audience. There were 4 bands performing before us, and as we were headlining we had that wonderful task of just sitting around, waiting for our slot. The glamorous life of rock’n’roll eh?

No soundcheck, just a quick volume check and off we go.

The gig went very fast, with a few hiccups, such as Nizzes microphone stand moving around on stage, so it looked like he was chasing it. I knocked my stand over on the second song, but that’s things that happen. With brand new guitars it’s always a struggle to play them, even if the construction is the same it takes a while to get used to them.

People enjoyed our show and we had fun, what else could you possibly ask for?

At the end Nizze got a surprise gift from John and Amy, who helped us out with transport and stuff during our visit. They bought him a guitar with Captain America on it!

After the gig lots of people congratulated us for a great show. What a nice way to start the tour.

A very late dinner and then off to bed for a few hours of sleep before tomorrows flight down to Florida.







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