Miche is leaving Dead Pollys for new challenges. We have ha a great time and some really cool adventures. We are now looking for a new drummer to take his place (not an easy task, huh…) and at the same time we are looking for someone to play lead guitar since Nizze is to lazy to do all the string-related work himself. A big thank you to Miche for this time, we wish you all the best brother!

Three things to remember

  • Ten hour drives between the gigs in the U.S and only a few turns went wrong. He did all the driving – crazy? yeahhh!
  • Sometimes when he started to count in a new song it was like beeing hit by an Airbus or something.
  • Friendly as hell. If you has any problems, he was always eager to help out.

There’s more, but that is all you get.

Do you want to join Dead Pollys. Send an e-mail to band@deadpollys.com!