Right, this will be the last part of the comings and goings of album-making. The next thing is mixing it, but that’s another story waiting to be told.

The recording continued with Nizze putting some coating on his guitar parts. Melodies on some songs, a solo ( !!!??? ) on one and a bit of rhythmic variations on some others. He had done all the guitars at home earlier, but due to technical issues those tracks didn’t sync with the backing tracks, so they had to be done all over again. And he did it all in just a couple of hours.


10590641_572231756236307_274159478299368530_n   IMG_2133


Juba re-did all the bass parts because the first draft was just a guide-line. Then he re-did them again, as the bass sound wasn’t the one wanted or needed. This took a couple of days as we wanted to be sure everything sounded right.

Lots of backing vocals were added next, some harmonies where needed and a few things were re-done for a better result.

And also some other over-dubs, such as theremin, synthesizer and sound effects, just to enhance certain songs.

So, we are done with our part. What begun on September 5th is now done 3 months later. Now all we need to do, is get the whole project mixed.

After that it is our intention to get it released as soon as possible for you punters to hear.

Over and out.

Let’s Polly-nate the world with music ……





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