10408018_588583444601138_7877017145763165465_nWe thought we needed some enchantment on one of the tracks, so we brought in fiddle player Jonathan Segel from Camper Van Beethoven to do some fiddling about. Good lad who was quick to get his stuff done. We made a bunch of takes and we promise to keep the best ones for the

Back the next day in the Mental Institute for some vocal gymnastics, everything is set up for Nizze to do the singing, Juba handling the recording and Miche applying moral support and abuse.

As we have played all but one of the songs live on a number of occasions, there is no hesitating on Nizzes behalf. He belches out the songs, re-doing some burps and spewing them out differently when adviced to do so. It’s all a group effort, even when he is on his own.


Then we also need some football hooligan choirs, so the 3 of us starts screaming like banshees and the effect is the one acquired.

End of a fun and exhausting session.

3 Hooligans


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