Day 3 and onwards


Now it all gets a bit dizzy. There are bass being overdubbed at various times, a lot of guitars being recorded every now and then, and then re-done a few days later. So the plan to write it all down in chronological order just don’t cut it. Hence the onwards bit.

Most of the rhythm guitar parts were recorded at The Mental Institute in one long session. Nothing fancy about it, just crank the amps up to 11, and beat the crap out of the guitar. Easy as that. Nizze knew what to do anyway, churning out ther chords with just a hint of finesse. Hey, it’s all punk rock innit? No fancy stuff going on here, no way José.

Then there was a lot of melodic stuff being put down. We do have a bit of melodic guitar parts, we’re not savages. There has to be some sort of structure to the songs, not just plain blanga. At least not all the time.

After that we had like 50 tracks on almost every song to deal with. Trying to decide what takes are good and which ones are better. Cut the crap and save the icing on the cake. Lots of editing without losing the plot.

That is the typical recording procedure nowadays. We try to stick to recording the stuff as raw and true as possible, so you won’t find any auto-tuning or any other modern technology stuff. It just isn’t our thing.

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