Day 1

So, the recording of the “Bullet For The Wicked” has begun.  On Friday the 5th of September we gathered in the studio with the plan to get the drums on tape ( do you really use that term anymore? Everything is digitalized nowadays. But getting it down on files doesn’t quiet have the same ring to it, right? ).


Stairway to the studio

Anyhow, our intention was to record the drums in 3 days, praying it would be enough. And it certainly started on the wrong foot. Lots of the microphone cables were useless, all we got was a lot of hissing noises or just sweet nothing. OK, we just had to find the cables that were functioning, and we’ll be off running.  You wish! That is when we discovered that a few of the microphones were out of order. Back into the boxes for a microphone hunt. Not panic yet, but the clock is ticking …


 Them damn cables

But we did find what we needed, so we could commence with our intended actions.

After getting the right sound for the drums, all we had to do was getting the songs down on tape (yes I know, but it still sounds better …), so enter the drummer boy, the one and only Miche. Ear-phones on, Nizze helping out with a guiding vocal and guitar, and off we go.


Miche – the powerhouse drummer  


We managed to record 3 songs on the first day, and felt it was enough for a start.  The intention was to get a good drum track, with lots of energy, and that’s what we managed. Happy days.  3 down, 6 to go.


Day 2

Time was set for an early start, so it was off to the studio at an ungodly early hour. That’s 10 am for all you non-musicians out there.

We were well on our way, only 10 minutes late when disaster struck. A flat tyre, in the middle of Stockholm,  in the morning traffic. Just what we needed. Well, roll up the sleeves and get down with it. Change the bugger.

flat tyre

 Juba – feeling tyred

With grease up to our elbows we arrived at the studio a good hour and a half late. Not much to do about it, but to get down to business.

The recording went smoothly and in no time at all, well some 6 hours, we had the rest of the tracks down, all 11 of them. And we had projected 3 days for the drums.


Nizze – backing up

Satisfied with our efforts, well, mainly Miches’ , we called it a day. Plans for the next recording sessions have been set.







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