Dead Pollys new album “Bullet For The Wicked” is finally out. It will be availible on several music sites and availible as CD soon. You can already buy the album at Sellify. The album is recorded and produced by Dead Pollys and mixed by Erik Ulvin. There have also been many donors that have helped us to make this possible. Special thanks to Li Krig who was the top donor.

We are also proud to present Jonathan Segel from Camper Van Bethooven who is an honoured guest on the album with his violin. The recording wasn’t without challenges but we have learned a lot on the way. The next album will be even better and louder.

The releaseparty for the album will be april 25 (2015) at Brother Tuck in Stockholm and a copy of the album is included in the price. Donors will of course get the ticket at half the price. There will be even more bands on stage. We’ll introduce them later on.

If you live in Upplands Väsby or Örebro you will soon have the possibility to go and see these old/adult/almost-buried gang. Check out our gig calendar for further information.