Here we are in Shirley, New York, staying at Howie Powes house. Howie is the mastermind of this tour, he fixed the gigs, got Down By Law involved, so he’s the hero.

Yesterday we flew from Stockholm, Sweden to JFK, an 8 hour flight, never fun because you are stuck in your seat for the whole time. At least they had a selection of movies to chose from, and some games you could play so it didn’t feel that long. Especially when you nod off for a while.

We got into the routine of touring straight away, at Arlanda airport, Miche got selected for an extra search when we went through the security, and then he got pulled in for an extra check before entering the plane. Me and Nizze just walked through.

When we got to JFK, guess who was stopped?

Anyway, once cleared through the customs we were met by Amy, a lovely lady who took care of us, she had some beers for us in her truck and she got us to Howies place. We got some burgers and had a nice chat, and then off to bed for some much well needed sleep.