In the morning Chris made breakfast for us. We thanked him by giving him a few t-shirts before embarking on our journey to Pittsburgh. The road is the same wherever you are. 

Pretty neat trip to Pittsburgh, not much to report.

Originally we were booked at The First Bar, but the place closed down just weeks before we started the tour. Fortunately The Moondog were available so we didn’t get a day off. Nice small venue, not in downtown Pittsburgh but in Blawnox, in the suburbs. 


There was a nice backstage /smoking/pool room where we could chill out. They brought us drinks and sandwiches to satisfy our thirsty throats and hungry bellys. 

Girst band on were the Crooked Cobras. Good punk rock, lots of attitude and energy.

We were on next, and had a blast on stage, one of our better gigs. As usual our 40 minutes felt like 10 and with sweat running down our backs we were off stage. The usual positive accolades from the crowd.

Of course Down By Law ended the evening with a smashing set.

We sold shitloads of merch and people were over the moon about our gig.

That’s a nice thing to remember when your head hits the pillow.

 Down By Law rocking the joint. 
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