And another 10 h drive, this time through beautiful landscapes. Lots of hills and valleys, with all the trees in a beautiful Fall shroud, all orange, red, yellow and green.

As we’ve never been here before, the sight of the New York skyline, even if it was from a distance was awesome. Hopefully we get to see more of NY before we leave this country. And not just the skyline.

  When we got to the venue, it was nice to see Amy, John and Howie again.
At the Even Flow there were 4 bands on before us, NFU, Flak Jacket, Out.Live.Death and the Avoiders. Great sets were delivered by all of them. 

There was a nice buzz in the venue when we hit stage. Propably the largest crowd so far on this tour. And they were ready to rip. From the first song on they were singing along, yelling, dancing and showing their support. By far one of the best gigs we’ve done.

It felt like everybody wanted to congratulate us for a great gig, offer us drinks and so on and so forth. Had it been our intention we would have been royally rat faced before Down By Law had finished their set. Awesome as usual.

But we prefered to just chill and then go to sleep a.s.a.p
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