Another day, another hotel. We are in no hurry as it’s a short ride today. We check out from the hotel and take a stroll to Wal Mart, that lies next to the hotel. Another typical American experience that has to be done. Not that different from the shopping malls in Sweden.

The trip to Columbus goes fast and we are there in no time at all. 

We have plenty of time to check out the city, the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day. We walk around for a while, and sit down for a coffee for Nizze and Miche and a tea for me at Starbucks.

Merch up and then wait for our slot.

First up was a  band with just drums and a very distorted bas, very different but really punky. 

Next up was Joey 74, energetic punk with a female singer. Reminded me a lot of when I started playing,  lots of energy and passion.

Low Men were up next, and wow, what a set they played. Very impressive stuff.

Then it’s our turn to make some noise. The sound on stage isn’t that good, but according to the DBL guys it sounded really good and apparently we put on a good show with lots of energy. We even had a moshpit going on in front of the stage.

Down By Law were awesome, as they are every night. 

All in all, a very punky night.

Chris offered us to sleep at his house, very nice of him and his family.

A few beers were downed and some tales were told then it was time for bed. 

What a day!
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