In the morning, Sascha had to go to work so we left her flat, packed the car and had a nice breakfast at the restaurant from yesterday. A really good way to start the day. 

It was a rather short ride to Akron, Ohio, so we had plenty of time to kill when we got there. Another small club where we played in the cellar. 

Jason, the man who local promoter, offered us to relax in his flat, just around the corner, and we all had a refreshing shower. Now we were ready for the night.

Setting the merch up has become routine and it was done in a flash.

Miche setting up the drums on stage

One thing that we will always remember, is that at all the places we’ve played, people come up and tell us how much they are looking forward to seeing our show. They all seem to have checked us out and they are excited to see us. Now that is a boost to the old ego.

As usual there’s guys opening for us, a guy played an acoustic gig and then it  was Worship This and they were good.

We hit the stage and do our thing. Lots of people are enjoying it and so are we.

 Somebody gave us a jar of moonshine, very nice of whoever it was. We did taste it but no way are we going to drink it all. 

  Anyway, another good gig. 

And if we do a good gig, Down By Law steps up and do we really good one.
Just another great night.

Off to the hotel and sleep, perchance to dream.

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