Another early start for another long haul on the American highways, heading for Chicago. Another day staring at endless fields. Not much of a difference from yesterday. Highlight of the day, we drove over the Mississippi River.

We have met lots of cool weird people on this tour. The names have escaped us, but we have given them nicknames according to their “specialities” ; The storyteller who lost the plot, English guy who hates Royalty and everyone else, The high flyer offered us to crash at his place but we declined the offer, the couple who bought pins but were too under the affluence of incohol to stay for the show.

But we have also met some nice friendly people everywhere, who have thought it’s so cool that we’ve come all the way from Sweden just to play for them. And best part is that lots of people have checked us out on the internet and they’re looking forward to seeing us.

In the late afternoon we were greeted by the Chicago skyline, what a magnifiecent view.

The Red Line Tap turned out to be another small cosy club although from the street it didn’t look more than a hole in the wall.


We met a nice girl, Sascha, outside and she knew a lot about the place, showed us were to park and told us to go sightseeing. We were just a couple of blocks from Lake Michigan so that was the obvious choice for a walk.

When we got back we were treated with the best meal so far. And then we had to set up the merchandize.

As usual there were a few bands playing before us, and I have to say that every band who has supported us has been very good, no exeptions.

Then it’s our turn to do our thing. This was our best performance so far, everything just gelled, the audience showed their appreciation. When the final note rung, we were all smiles.

Down By Law also stepped up a notch or two and played a blinder of a set.

Down By Law in stage in Chicago

The only downside of the night was that we didn’t have anywhere to sleep due to some misunderstanding.

Who steps up but our purple haired friend from earlier on, Sascha, she offered us to crash at her place. You saved our day!!


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