We woke up too early, but we did have a long trip ahead. Just outside the hotel we had the Daytona Beach so we had to take a stroll. Touring is such a drag, isn’t.

A quick breakfast and it’s time to hit the road. Some 8-9 hours on the highway is what awaits us.

Not much to write about really, as anyone who’s been on a trip knows.

The real downside of it all was that we left the warm weather for more rain.

The venue was easy to find, thank you GPS!, how on earth did people find their way to new places in the old days.
A small bar, with a nice stage, and even a backstage room.

First band on was Pretty Vacant, a Sex Pistols tribute band. They sounded like the real deal, very authentic. A promising way to start the show.

Next up was Burn Like Fire, a really good band, they put up a killer show, check them out.

Time for us to hit the stage, in front of a small but appreciating crowd. We even had a few guys trying to make moshpit in front of the stage.

The sound was really good, at least on stage, and the gig was over in no time at all. We even got an encore!

Down By Law wrapped the evening up with a killer show,

Steve put us up for the night, very nice of him.

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