We woke up way too early, because we had to take a flight to Florida. Amy and John came over to take us to La Guardiola. The rain was pouring down, and there was just one runway open due to heavy winds. Of course that delayed the flight a bit. Nizze got the VIP treatment at the security check, he was sent straight through and didn’t even have to take his belt off, while Miche and I had to wait in the longest line, even take our shoes off before they let us throu. At least they didn’t take Miche for an extra search. We had some breakfast before boarding the plane. And a nice one it was, and we were in Orlando in no time at all, well 2,5 h goes fast when you’re asleep.

As soon as we got off the plane we noticed the difference in the weather. Gone was the cold rainy New York conditions and instead it was really warm and sunny. Now this is more like it!

After some trouble with the car rental we got our wheels and we were on the road to Daytona.

TirNaNog was very easy to find, we almost passed it by.

Quite a small but very nice place, Mike the stage manager gave us the lowdown of the evenings show, and got us a beer while we were waiting for the guys from Down By Law. The local support act turned up and we hung out for a while. And then DBL got there.  A nice bunch of lads.

We drove to the hotel and sorted out the rooms for the night and then back to the venue.

Skatter Brainz from Florida was the first band on and they were rather good, nice energy and good punk songs.

We hit the stage after them and got a really good response from the crowd. The gig went smoothly and all of a sudden our 45-50 minutes was gone.  No surprises this time, hey don’t spoil us? but we got a lot of positive feedback.

Down By Law turned in a great set and the night ended on a high.

Off to bed for a few hours of sleep as it is a long drive to Atlanta tomorrow.

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