Last gig of the tour started off with a 5-6 hour drive. Road weary as we were by now, we made a few stops along the way, sorted out a hotel close to the airport, so we didn’t have to get up too early for the flight to New York.

On arrival we checked into the hotel and took a short nap as there was plenty of time before the gig.

As it was the last gig, we decided to leave the car at the hotel, and just grab a cab to the venue.

We almost missed Will’s Pub, as it didn’t have a big sign declaring its location, but just the name on the door.

Despite the anonymous entrance, it was a rather big club, with a bar at the end and a decent sized stage.

One of the local supports acts were setting their gear up, so we despatched to a nearby Asian restaurant. One of the best meals on the whole tour.

Back at Will’s I met an old school friend of mine (Hi Tarja!) and her friends. Let’s not dwell on  how long time has passed since we last saw each other.

The support acts did their thing, but I wasn’t paying attention so I can’t say much about them, except that Wolf-Face wore wolf like wigs. Slap Of Reality and 4J’s were the other bands.

When we hit stage we were informed that we only had 30 minutes instead  of the usual 40-45, that put a damper on things, but we soldiered on with a solid performance, and with a bit of a sad feeling this whole tour was over.

Down By Law did their thing, and the end. DBL made a hasty retreat, they had a bit of a drive home, so we bid quick farewell to our tour buddies, took a cab back to the hotel, for a chance of a few hours sleep.

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