Yesterday was a day off, but since most of it was spent in a car, it really didn’t feel like it. Now, we did have a gig tonight, but it was only half an hour away, so the whole day was spent relaxing.

We started off with breakfast, with a view of the ocean just some 20 meters away. Suddenly the surface broke by playing dolphins, what a pleasant surprise. Not a sight we see every morning. 

The beach just begged for an inspection, so Miche and I took a stroll along the waterline, letting the waves wash our feet.

A bit of a rest, and lunch at the Crab Shack, a bit of window shopping and time to get going to the gig.

The Sparrow was a good sized club, with a decent stage. We got invited to another pub, an Irish one of course, to share a pre-gig drink with Down By Law and the owner of the Sparrow. The Guinness  was not too bad and many laughs and stories were shared.

By the time we got back, First World Problem were bashing it out some really good old school punk on stage.


We struck the stage with our usual bravado and stormed through our set abandoning all carefullness, time rushing by in a blink of an eye. 

The usual chat with the crowd while Down By Law nailed another smashing set and it was time to wrap it up.
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