We took it really easy and were in no hurry to leave Feed The Scene. It was a 5 h drive and we were warned that there could be traffic jams outside Washington. But the traffic flowed nicely, and we had no problems driving to Richmond, Virginia. 

We found Banditos and were greeted with our name on a big billboard. Now this is more like it. 

It was a nice Tex Mex restaurant, with a small stage in the inner room. This looked promising.

We checked in to a hotel, told the clerk that we were a band from Sweden and he gave us a 20$ discount. Thank you very much.

The room was huge, actually bigger than some of the venues we have played on this tour. Sheer bloody luxury.

It was a 15 minutes walk to Banditos, through a very nice part of town.

Back at Banditos we were treated to some very tasty Burritos. I must mention the size of the portions. I confess that I eat too much but not once on this trip have I cleaned the the plate. That explains the size of some Americans.

We set up the musical equipment, did a short soundcheck, a first on this tour. We played a song and a little bit of another. The sound was great.

No local bands this time so we were on first. 

When it was showtime, the bar was full of people, they even had to turn people away at the door. This could be the best attended gig so far, and we were really psyched for the gig.

We tuned our guitars and then the lights went out. Well, it happens that a fuse blows, so no panic.

It turned out that the whole fuse box had melted. There was no way that the show could go on. The bar closed and they had to send everbody home. For once there was a really good crowd. What a bummer!

We were heartbroken when we packed our stuff, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

In the end we went to a couple of bars and had a couple of drinks before going back to the hotel.

There must be a jinx on this tour. Not one gig has been plain sailing, something has fucked up on every gig. No backline, no food, no accomodations, no advertising or no audience.
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