We woke up at Feed The Scene, a bed’n’breakfast place for musicians, run by Rachel, a lovely girl who had made it her mission in life to take care of travelling bands.

Checking out Facebook we found out that the gig tonight had been cancelled. It was promoted by the same guy as yesterday. Because of the problems from yesterday, it is understandable that DBL didn’t want to work dith this guy. What a letdown?

But, Rachel got on the case at once, and a few hours later the show was salvaged. 

We hung around for most of the day, with a little detour to a music store. 

We drove to the venue, which was huge, compared the most other places we’ve played.

We had time to get something to eat, and there was a Diner just roundxthe corner. Nice sort of 50’s vibe, with science fiction posters on the walls. Cosy little place with a very tasty hamburgers.

Back at the venue, it was time for the first band to start.

 Boardroom Heroes played a very tight, American style of punkrock, Nofx came to mind. Very good.

Radical Discharge were on next, they were more of a heavy metal   

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