We were in no hurry at all. The drive would only take 3 h, so we could take it really easy. When we finally took off from Howies, it was almost midday. We drove out of Long Island, had brunch in Staten Island and then into the traffic jams. Well they weren’t that bad and we had a pretty smooth ride to Trenton, New Jersey. Again, thanks to modern technology, we found the place straight away.

   There was nobody there so we decided to check out the town. It was Sunday and the place was deserted, as in completely empty. We found a coffe shop that was under construction and the guy fixed us some coffee that was so horrible that we had to throw it away.
We took a trip to a super market, just to kill time.
Back at the Mill Hill Basement they were setting up the equipment. As the name says, it was a very small club in the basement.

Gameday Regulars opened the show. A very good band, very tight.
Next up was Mikey Erg!, electric guitar troubadour. He was good but I would have prefered to hear him with a band.
The Scandals played a good set, you could tell they’ve been around for a while.
We were up next. The sound on stage wasn’t the best but all the other bands sounded good so I hope we did too. 3-4 songs to our set, the local promoter, not the most sober person in the club, took a microphone and announced that Down By Love had pulled out of the gig and wouldn’t play. That really put a damper on the show. It was very hard to keep the energy level up after that, but we soldiered on and finished on a high. The usual accolades were thrown our way.
And then DBL turned up and played anyway. Nice!
We were so exhausted from the last couple of days that we drove the 2,5h to our accomodations, we just wanted to sleep.
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